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All your plans with your loan currency now.

Transparent fees

Currency Now offers flexible payday loans to be repaid between 6 and 36 months with a minimum APR of 60.10% and a maximum of 197.15%. For example, for a loan of € 1,000 to be paid in 12 monthly installments, you must return a total of € 1,535.07 in installments of € 127.92, corresponding to an APR of 87%. The minimum APR for this example is 80% and a maximum of 197%. The representative example is based on the average duration and the total loan amount. The methodology for calculating the average duration is weighted by the following calculations: the average duration and the amount issued, divided by the total amounts issued. The methodology for defining the amount granted for the representative example is based on the total amount issued divided by the number of credits issued.

Additional costs

We reserve the right to charge additional fees associated with the costs of recovering the amounts granted and/or other charges associated with the loan. The costs of fast online loans can include, for example, administrative expenses, late payment interest and legal costs.

Possible consequences on your credit profile

If our efforts to reach a friendly solution fail, we may notify the default of the loan to the unpaid file, which may result in a negative reflection on the client’s personal credit profile. In addition, legal recovery processes may be carried out to recover the borrowed amounts.

Consequences of default

In accordance with our commitment to act as a responsible lender, our recovery team and/or the representative recovery agency may contact customers before the loan payment expires, to provide you with all the necessary information to make decisions about of the payment solutions that best suit them. In the event that the repayment is not made within the provisions of the loan contract, the borrower must pay a commission for non-payment of 20 euros for the efforts made by the lender for the management of said payment. This commission will be applied only once for unpaid installment even if it remains pending payment. We also reserve the right to transfer the debt to an external collection agency. As a global provider of consumer finance services we always strive to find the most appropriate payment solution for customers who face temporary or permanent financial difficulties, in line with our mission of becoming a sustainable lender. Our recovery activities are an important part of our mission of providing financial education to our clients, before they incur financial problems and face payment delays.


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