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How to leave credits? – We explain it step by step!

Applying for loans today is one of the skills that not many people have fully developed. The importance of taking care of our credit is fundamental because in the current times, credit cards are present in practically all types of transactions that are carried out in stores, purchases on the internet, acquisition of services or even to request credits in the various Financial institutions for them is essential not to appear in the country.

Because, as mentioned earlier, many people do not have adequate control over their financial life, debts and defaults accumulate in the blink of an eye, so that before they know it, many end up forming part of the dreaded Financial Credit Institutions group.

The Financial Credit Institutions is the National Association of Financial Credit Institutions, which basically consists of an organization that serves as a liaison between financial institutions specialized in Spain in consumer finance and Public Administrations.

Thus, a large sector of the Spanish population requires the use of various credits, either to buy goods and services, or to undertake life projects, such as business or courses to grow professionally. However, those found in the Financial Credit Institutions list or in some of the different delinquent files in the country, which are currently around two million Spaniards, unfortunately can not access the same benefits as those who have a good credit history as the latter will be the first that will favor the various banking institutions.

However, to regain that confidence of the banks, which allows us to access a healthy credit life, then we will observe the steps to be taken to get out of the fearsome Financial Credit Institutions file.

Know if you are in Financial Credit Institutions

First, the most important thing is to be sure that we are not in the Financial Credit Institutions delinquent file, as this is usually the first obstacle when we are denied a loan in a banking institution. Therefore, this is the first step to take, knowing whether or not you are in the Financial Credit Institutions. The process to know that data is very simple. Basically this information can be obtained in more than one possible way.

To request your information, you must only provide as documentation, a photocopy of your ID, either in PDF or Word document. If you do not have this, you can also provide any document that proves your identity, such as a passport or driver’s license. To receive the answer about your situation with Financial Credit Institutions, they can take up to one month to respond by law.

You can also go directly to financial institutions to request the information, only in this case we will not be informed about the company with which our debt is associated.

Finally, another option is to go directly to the central of the delinquent file, where all the required information will be provided. In case you cannot physically go to that instance, we can contact you by the means mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that this process is very important, since it is possible that our name is associated with Financial Credit Institutions, or even RAI, which is the Unpaid Acceptance Registry. These are the two main delinquency files that are currently in force in Spain. However, it is vital that we know in which list we are present, as both Financial Credit Institutions and RAI handle different processes. While Financial Credit Institutions, which is managed by the Faxines company, deals exclusively with individuals, RAI, for its part, covers a registry in which only legal persons can register.

How to leave Financial Credit Institutions?

Once we were able to confirm if we are on the Financial Credit Institutions list, it is time to perform the next step. If we are not in Financial Credit Institutions, it is excellent news but if we find ourselves on its list of delinquents, the following is to know the steps so that we can get out of this terrible classification that distances us from the credits and loans that are so lacking in the modern world nowadays.

Of course, before continuing with this guide, it is vital that you take into account that to take the first step and leave a delinquent file, it is necessary that in the first instance, you are sure that you can liquidate the entire of the debt that is pending and that this is the reason why we are present in the delinquency list.

Once our presence on a delinquent list has been confirmed, in this case Financial Credit Institutions, as already mentioned above, the best way to quickly exit said registry is to settle the outstanding debt as soon as possible. Once this commitment has been fulfilled, there will be no reason for us to remain present in the Financial Credit Institutions delinquent file. However, our guide to guarantee absolute peace of mind in our relationship with Financial Credit Institutions does not end here, since it is vital that we confirm our status after having paid the corresponding amount due.

Confirm Financial Credit Institutions exit

Once the payment of our outstanding debt has been made, the final part of our process consists solely in the confirmation of the cancellation of the Financial Credit Institutions, that is, making sure that our name has been permanently removed from the dreaded file.

To do this, we must carry out the process personally. This is important, because many times, the various companies that are responsible for managing this type of lists, do not usually update their files properly, so it often happens that many people who have settled their debts continue to have problems requesting loans and credits, because without realizing it, they remain in the files of Financial Credit Institutions despite having cleared all their debts, which happens because they never confirmed that their name had actually been deleted from the lists.

To confirm this, we must only go to the Financial Credit Institutions or RAI registry, if applicable, and present the payment receipt that guarantees that the outstanding debt has been paid in full. With this action it will be verified that our debt has been definitively settled, and consequently the list will be updated immediately and our name will have disappeared from it.

It is for this reason that it is always recommended to keep all documents and receipts that accredit our payments, to present them as evidence before a possible need to clear our name from delinquent records.

Once all these procedures have been carried out, our registration in the delinquency files should already have been completely eliminated, without any evidence that we are ever part of this list, so that automatically, we will again be ideal candidates for access to loans, urgent loans and mortgages. It should be mentioned that although it is a simple process, the truth is that it can become long and tedious, so it is very important to be patient and make sure that the steps to be followed are fully accomplished.

Leave Financial Credit Institutions without paying the debt

Technically, there is also a much simpler method to disappear from the Financial Credit Institutions delinquent list. And it is much simpler because you don’t have to do practically anything more than wait for your data to be deleted from the Financial Credit Institutions files.

This is possible thanks to the fact that by law, the recording of your debt can only appear in the files for a maximum period of six years. After that date, according to the laws in force in Spain, your name must be deleted from the records, which does not mean, and this is very important to remember, that the debt has been prescribed as such, as this will remain active until We do not pay the respective amount that is pending.

Therefore, this method is very undesirable, since in addition to the fact that it is not honest to leave outstanding debts, it is possible for certain entities or establishments to keep their own records on our credit history, so it is still possible for us to be denied credits, and if this situation arises, we would not have any proof that allows us to make any claim in this regard.


This consists of the procedures and steps to follow to leave the Financial Credit Institutions lists. Of course, it is a method that like any bureaucratic process can become quite long, but it is worth investing the time and money necessary to recover our good track record, and with it the possibility of accessing the multiple financing instruments that They offer the various economic entities of today.

Once this problem has resulted, we will have gained valuable experience regarding our financial management, with which we will be able to make better use of these instruments and the responsibility that comes with acquiring various debts throughout our daily lives.

If you still can’t get off the lists and need financing, we recommend that you visit the loans with Financial Credit Institutions as an alternative to your possibilities.


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