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Loans up to 500 Euros

Merratu is an online financial company that is dedicated to grant fast loans without payroll or guarantee with payment of money in 15 minutes. Merratu is from the same group as Creditmobile that has the same activity. The company or legal name that supports this activity is Merratu Bank  based in Malta registered in the Commercial Registry of Malta under number C 56251

Fast Loans Merratu without payroll or guarantee

Merratu on its website announces fast online loans up to 300 euros with a repayment period of 30 days. As a promotion, the financial Merratu grants the first free credit, that is to say, in the first operation that is requested, no interest or commissions are paid, in case it asks for 200 euros, after 30 days it returns the same 200 euros. To apply for credits, it is not necessary to have a payroll or present additional guarantors or guarantees, but you do have to show periodic income for other items.
The Merratu schedule is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by accessing its website.

How to request fast credits at Merratu

The procedures and documents necessary to ask for money in Merratu are similar to the rest of the fast mini-credit financial companies that operate online on the internet, that is, access their website and first select the amount up to 300 euros and the term to return the money up to 30 days.
Then fill in the form with your personal information, name, surname, ID or Resident Card, mobile phone number and an email.
Once filled in with personal data, you press to continue and fill in the economic data, what you earn per month, which may well be by payroll, unemployment, income from rents, rentals, city councils, etc.
It is not necessary to give explanations so that you want the money and you will not have any more questions or have to give more documents, except for some subsequent clarification that the financier can ask for.
It takes 2 minutes to complete the request and in 15 minutes you have the money in your account in case the credit is accepted.

Fast mini-credits in Merratu

Merratu does not specify on its website if it grants fast mini loans in case it is in any list of delinquents, RAI or Financial Credit Institutions. However, as all financial companies have access to such records and therefore it is the first thing that is consulted, if you have Financial Credit Institutions.
Merratu can grant quick mini-loans while it is Financial Credit Institutions if the amount that it has registered in delinquent is of small amount and the reason for such non-payment is not for having stopped paying other loans or credit cards. Financial Credit Institutions defaults are usually accepted when the cause is mobile phone receipts or some subscriptions such as Extra Bas, and other similar companies.

Opinions about Merratu and ways to contact

As we indicated at the beginning, Merratu starts its activities now in Spain with this trademark so we still don’t have opinions about Merratu. However, if we have the example of Creditmobile that belongs to the same group and that they have already granted thousands of loans in Spain through the internet. If you have already signed an operation with this financial one, you can leave us your comments and opinion about Merratu financial online.
All the procedures and request for credit is done online through its website.

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